Meet the Team

Dr. Farag Salib


Dr. Farag Salib is committed to maintaining the high standards and reputation for excellence established by his predecessor. He is committed to providing high quality services as a low cost vet clinic.

Dr. Salib has received a warm welcome from regular clients who have visited the clinic and is looking forward to serving those who might be unaware of the recent transition.

His top priority is the health and well-being of the furry family members in your life and with providing services and treatment options that are presented without pressure or sales tactics.

If you’re a past or present customer of the clinic…we look forward to providing this community with the same high level of care it has come to expect from us.

And if you’ve never been here before, you’re invited to stop by and experience the type of competent, compassionate health care your pets deserve!​​

Keven Taylor: Client Service Coordinator 

My name is Keven and I have been with Dr. Salib and the Old Orchard family since January 2017. I am very proud to have been a part of making Old Orchard what it is today alongside Dr. Salib. I am passionate about our clients not just being our clients but our family and treating their fur babies as they were my own! The most rewarding part of this job is watching our sick patients get better. We once had a cat come in that was anemic and wasn't eating, and had trouble breathing. We were worried for the cat because the prognosis didn't look great. He was hospitalized in our clinic for nearly a week, and our clinic kitty Whiskers helped save his life by doing a blood transfusion here in the clinic. He fought hard during his treatment and eventually he was able to go home. It was fulfilling to see him healthier and happy to go home. 

I couldn’t imagine life without my lovable kitties! I have 2 grey tabbies and a black and white longhair. Their names are Maximus Theodore Jenkins, (because everyone deserves three names!) Socks, and Sphinx.


Rachel Black: Veterinary Technician 

My name is Rachel and I have been a part of the Old Orchard family since February 2019. I enjoy diagnosing and treating pets and evolving academically in my knowledge of veterinary medicine. It is always a wonderful experience learning from Dr. Salib, and the dedicated women at this practice. Everything I know about veterinary medicine has been taught to me here. I love getting to meet and interact with clients, check up on pets every day, and watch a patient as he/she heals. I also like doing x-rays and drawing blood, and look forward to doing technician work everyday and honing in on my skills to get the job done properly. I have three dogs named Bella, a Pomeranian, Ziggy, a Pitsky, and Taz, a Staffordshire Terrier (Pitbull.) Two snakes named Rhett, a Reticulated Python, and Scarlett, a Red-Tailed Boa, and a Polydactyl kitty named Kora. Our pets cannot tell us where they hurt, so it is up to us to understand and help them. This job has led me to discover another passion: dog training. I have been learning how to be a dog trainer and I will be certified soon.


Amitis Rashidi Torghi: Veterinary Technician 

My name is Ami and I have been a part of the Old Orchard family since January 2021. I enjoy working here because I love pets and it makes me happy when I can help them. An experience I’ll never forget while working here was a bittersweet moment. We were treating a dog that was going into heart failure and we were able to keep the dog alive for a few hours. It gave one of the owners time to make it to the clinic and say goodbye to their loved one. The passing of their fur baby was heart-breaking, but our work brought some peace in a time of grief. After working here, I would say that I love and care for animals even more than I did before.


Daniel Boschert: Intern 

My name is Daniel and I have been an intern with Old Orchard Animal Clinic since September 2020. I’m a senior at the ISchool of Lewisville Stem Campus. Searching for an internship during COVID-19 was difficult because many clinics weren’t accepting interns. When I reached out to Old Orchard they not only accepted my internship, but accepted me into their family. From day one the clinic was welcoming and made me feel like I was part of something. I enjoy coming every day because I learn a lot from Dr. Salib. He is a great teacher. It's a small clinic so I get to be hands-on and there aren’t too many people all trying to do the same thing. Plus learning how to properly hold big dogs and lift without injury has been a great workout. I’ll never forget the time Coco the 120lb St. Bernard came in and we needed 3 people just to give vaccines! I was raised with animals most of my life, and sometimes I like animals more than I like people. After I graduate I want to go to college and eventually become a vet. My experience here at Old Orchard has solidified that for me.