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Old Orchard Animal Clinic will offer grooming services at our location soon. We want to help your pet look its best and feel even better. Grooming not only makes your pet look great, but it is also amazing for their health. We are excited to offer this new service to your furry family members. 

Grooming Services offered will be



Pink Blue and Grey Soft and Dainty Fashi
Pink Blue and Grey Soft and Dainty Fashi

Why You Should Get Your Dog Groomed:

Haircuts aren't just to make your dog beautiful, they are also essential to your dog's health.

Regular dog grooming can help detect signs of trouble underneath the fur. A groomer could discover health issues like: cysts, skin conditions, and ear infections. 

Be sure to keep up with brushing your dog's fur! Matted fur can go from causing mild irritation to infecting a wound.

Responsible pet owners should always keep their pet healthy and clean, and grooming is an essential part of that responsibilty. 

Grooming Services for Your Pet

Health Benefits of


  • Regular grooming means less trips to the vet

  • Management of flea growth and their eggs

  • Ability to detect skin and health issues early

  • Regular ear checks can reduce the chance of infection

  • Maintaining your pets nails can reduce risk of bad posture or deformed bones

  • Loose fur and dirt get removed, mats and tangles are smoothed, and natural oils are redistributed through coat.

Professional Cat Grooming

Additional Benefits of Grooming

  • They smell great and feel soft when its time for cuddles

  • Pets begin to relax and enjoy going to the groomer after frequent trips

  • Cleaning your home will become so much easier... de-shedding services are a lifesaver.

  • A professional groomer is thorough and will save you some of the hassle of grooming at home. Keep brushing though!

  • Your pet will look great and feel even better!

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