Our Care Team

Michelle Hutek

Assistant Manager

My Name is Michelle Hutek and I am the Assistant Manager here at Old Orchard Animal Clinic. I became part of this team in January of 2018 as the Client Service Coordinator and have expanded my knowledge and skills into becoming the worker | am today. Doctor Salib has personally taken me underneath his wing to help shape me into the Assistant Manager I am today. I am continuously learning and growing to not only be a better leader for my team but for the growth of my practice.

Shelby Griffin

Veterinarian Assistant

My name is Shelby, I have worked here since February 2018 as a veterinarian assistant. I have gotten all my experience and training on the job. I have four cats, Margaery, Sansa, Celeste, and Snuggles. They all come to Old Orchard Animal Clinic and get vaccines as well as if they need treatment. I work with a great team!

Keven Taylor

Client Service Coordinator

My name is Keven and I have been with Dr. Salib and the Old Orchard family since January 2017. I am very proud to have been a part of making Old Orchard what it is today alongside Dr. Salib. I am passionate about our clients not just being our clients but our family and treating their fur babies as they were my own! My one and only child is a lovable grey tabby I couldn’t imagine life without named Maximus Theodore Jenkins, because everyone deserves three names!

Rachel Black

Client Service Coordinator

My name is Rachel and I am a new member of the Old Orchard family. It is always a wonderful experience learning from Dr. Salib and the dedicated women at this practice. I love getting to meet and interact with clients, check up on pets every day, and watch a patient as he/she heals. I have two dogs named Bella and Ziggy- two snakes named Rhett and Scarlett- and a polydactyl kitty named Kora. Our pets cannot tell us where they hurt, so it is up to us to understand and help them.


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