Emergency Veterinary Services in Lewisville, TX

Unfortunately, accidents and medical emergencies can and do happen to our pets. During a pet emergency, it is essential that your pet receive immediate medical attention from an experienced professional working in a fully equipped, comprehensive clinic.

What Is a Pet Emergency?

You should seek immediate medical care for your pet if he or she displays any of the following symptoms:

  • Collapses or becomes extremely weak
  • Repeated vomiting or severe diarrhea
  • Bleeding
  • Lethargy or appetite loss persisting longer than 24 hours
  • No bowel movements
  • Rapid, shallow or difficult breathing
  • Severe cough
  • Repetitive or lengthy seizures
  • Ingests poison
  • Serious injury, such as a car accident, fall from a window or laceration

Preparing for a Pet Emergency

Although no one wants to believe the worst can happen, if your pet does have an emergency medical problem it is always good to be prepared. We recommend keeping up to date contact information for your emergency veterinarian of choice close at hand. So, if a pet emergency happens, you will not have to spend precious time, looking up an emergency veterinarian or locating contact information.

What To Do If Your Pet Has an Emergency

If your pet has a medical emergency or you suspect your pet needs immediate care, contact us right away to let us know you are coming. We will also ask you the nature of the emergency to advise you on immediate steps to take at home and prepare for your pet’s arrival. If your pet has ingested poison, bring the container or label with you. Apply clean cloths or bandages to wounds with consistent pressure and transport your pet gently.

Emergency Care for Your Pet: Contact Old Orchard Animal Clinic at (972) 221-3568

At Old Orchard Animal Clinic, we provide comprehensive emergency care including diagnostics, emergency surgery and hospitalization. We are fully equipped to provide pets with medical support to stabilize their condition, while we evaluate your pet and perform tests to determine an exact diagnosis. With full, in-house diagnostic imaging and lab testing capabilities, our highly skilled and experience veterinary staff can provide a quick diagnosis, allowing us to begin treatment right away.

If your pet has a medical emergency or if you suspect your pet needs immediate care, contact Old Orchard Animal Clinic in Lewisville, TX at (972) 221-3568 to let us know you and your pet are on your way.