Grooming Services for Good Looks and Good Health

Grooming your pets is not a luxury reserved for fancy pets, it should be considered a regular part of pet care and your pet’s routine. A bath, brush, ear cleaning and nail trim do a lot more than leave your pet smelling fresh and looking like the best in show. Regular grooming actually improves your pet’s health in a myriad of ways.

Eliminates Discomfort

When pets go a long time without grooming, they can develop several problems which cause them pain and discomfort. Pets that do not receive regular grooming often suffer from ear mites and infection, hot spots and matted fur. Regular grooming will eliminate matted fur, mitigate mites and help detect and manage hot spots on the skin.

Supports a Healthy Coat and Skin

Our pets’ thick fur coats keep them warm in cool weather and cool in hot weather, but they also trap allergens, dirt, bacteria and other irritants. Regular grooming keeps your pet’s skin clean and his or her fur well maintained. In addition, this type of close attention allows us to spot any signs of health concerns, such as parasites, allergies or infection, which might require further treatment.

Improves Foot Structure

When a cat or dog’s nails grow too long, they can be painful for pets and also make it difficult to move normally. Maintaining your pet’s nails will enable a natural foot structure, proper posture and overall improved health.

Reduces Shedding

Regular brushing will reduce your pet’s shedding. Not only will this make your pet more comfortable, it also means less clean up for you.

Early Detection of Health Problems

Professional groomers are trained to spot the signs of infection, allergies, parasites, hot spots and other health problems while they carefully tend to your pet’s skin, ears, teeth, nails and eyes. With regular grooming, your pet has a better chance of early diagnosis and treatment before these health concerns develop into more serious problems.

Schedule a Grooming Appointment for Your Dog or Cat

To ensure pets spend minimal time waiting and enjoy a calm, relaxing experience while being groomed at Old Orchard Animal Clinic, we provide grooming services for dogs and cats by appointment only. To schedule an appointment for your pet or to learn more about our grooming services, we welcome you to contact our office today.