Veterinary Surgery

Whether a minor procedure or a more complex operation, having a pet who needs surgery can prove to be quite stressful. At Old Orchard Animal Clinic, our veterinarian and medical staff are highly skilled and experienced. We work with a gentle touch and always use the least invasive procedural techniques possible. In addition, we take great care to minimize both physical and emotional stress for both our furry patients and their human companions.

Comprehensive Pre-Surgical Care

Prior to your pet’s surgical procedure, our veterinarian will perform a comprehensive physical evaluation of your pet, to ensure he or she is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia and surgery. This pre-operative screening reduces any potential risks associated with surgery. At this time, we will also evaluate and determine the best possible methods to reduce your pet’s pain following surgery. Depending on the procedure, we might also provide you with pre-surgical instructions for your pet, such as no food or water after a certain time the night before the procedure.

Veterinary Surgery

We perform a variety of veterinary surgical procedures, including routine spays and neuters and more complex orthopedic surgeries. Depending on the type of surgery your pet needs, we will determine the least invasive method available. Using state of the art tools and techniques allows us to ensure your pet undergoes a minimally invasive procedure to limit pain and reduce recovery time. Surgery is typically only performed while your pet is under general anesthesia to ensure he or she experiences no pain or anxiety during the operation. Throughout surgery, we continuously monitor your pet’s vital signs to ensure a healthy and quick recovery.

Post-Surgical Care Support and Guidelines

Following your pet’s surgery, a member of our staff will remain present to monitor your pet’s health and be there to calm and comfort your pet when he or she wakes. We will notify you following the procedure of your pet’s progress and provide you with post-surgical care instructions to accelerate your pet’s recovery. Instructions typically include limiting your pet’s activity level, restricting his or her access to the incision site, administering pain medications and providing lots of love.

Veterinary Surgery at Old Orchard Animal Clinic

If your pet requires a surgical procedure, we always encourage pet owners to ask lots of questions. The more information you have, the less stressful your pet’s procedure will be and the best chance he or she will have of making a complete and speedy recovery. We welcome you to contact our office for more information about our veterinary surgery services or with any questions you might have regarding your pet’s surgery, preparation, procedure or post-operative care.